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From the "She Who Rivals" poetry trilogy,"She Who Rivals the Sun" is Melissa M. Combs' second collection, following "She Who Rivals the Moon." This collection compares the likeness of a woman to the sun, in all varying aspects. Though the sun is oftentimes known for its healing properties, and radiant beauty, we've often been warned, getting to close to it or looking directly at it can be quite damaging. For a woman to be compared to the sun is to celebrate the duality within her. However, the makeup of this collection does have more poems geared towards light, love, and healing.


a disease called POETRY

In the 1970's we first heard about the link between "madness" and "genius," (the word referring to literary genius, scholarly genius, and creative genius). However, speculation dates back at least to the time of Aristotle. In Aristotelian tradition, genius was believed to be the quality perhaps responsible for both extraordinary achievement, and melancholy.

While there have been many studies conducted on the correlation between mood and creativity, all resulting in varying findings, one thing has been agreed upon. Negative emotions have been proven to increase the quantity in which a person will reflect and contemplate, ultimately leading a person to be more creative.

Author, Melissa M. Combs, also known as The Enchanted Poetess, states, "Writing A Disease Called Poetry was therapeutic for me. I allowed myself time to reflect, ruminate, even, and ultimately release some of my deepest thoughts and struggles, without the fear of judgement." She also states, "We are are all human, and we all should be given the grace to feel what we feel. Those of us that have chosen creative career paths are no different. Even if our emotions or our afflictions do not always fit perfectly within the social bounds of what is deemed 'normal,' it is normal for us. My greatest hope for this collection is that it makes anyone (not just artists,) that struggle with mental health related issues, feel seen. We are all in this together."

heart of spades

Heart of Spades is a revised edition of author, Melissa M. Combs' very first book ever published. Her original collection was only available in the year of 2019 for less than two months, and is officially back on the shelves. Whether this collection is going to permanently remain on the shelves or be unpublished in the future is currently unknown.

The poetry and prose in this collection was written in the time of the author's spiritual awakening, where realities and worlds blend and blur, but Truth makes itself known and is absolutely unswerving. The topics touched on in this collection include: spiritual warfare, romantic love, and self-love.

The Words That Made Us 

From bestselling authors/best friends Stefanie Briar and Melissa Combs (aka The Enchanted Poetess) comes the collaborative force that is “The Words That Made Us Immortal”.

The twin flame journey is one of sublime highs, crushing lows, rapid twists, and sharp turns. This book beautifully captures every aspect of the kind of love that transcends time, trials, doubts, and even death…love that must be experienced to be believed. Through the timelessness of poetry, two strong modern voices blend seamlessly to tell a story of unforgettable, soul-altering love. No stone is left unturned, and no emotion is left unexplored. The light and the dark are given equal attention for a realistic depiction of a split soul that collides and reunites. If you have ever known a connection that felt like déjà vu, like home, like a deep sense of belonging…this book is for you.

To read “The Words That Made Us Immortal” is to get lost in the best way.
Breathe, smile, cry, and allow yourself to feel.


She Who Rivals the

From the up and coming "She Who Rivals" trilogy,
"She Who Rivals the Moon" leads the way. This collection of poetry delves into the depths of dark feminine energy. Though presented creatively, and with sophistication, Melissa M. Combs challenges the reader to break out of the confines of what it means to be a woman, celebrated for more than their leniency, grace, and nurturing ways. To compare women to the moon is to embrace the profound duality innate in femininity. Within these pages women are safe to explore what makes them such multifaceted beings. Raw emotion, sacred rage, sensuality, and assertiveness are not only allowed, but are vital integrations to femininity as a whole.


We Loved, Therefore We Lived, bravely introduces us to the idea, that you can both Love and be Loved by someone and the dynamic still bring forth pain (great pain, at that.) This is not because Love is imperfect, but that Love is being embodied by humans, whom as we all know, are filled with imperfections.

If you are a fan of Emily Bronte's book, Wuthering Heights, you should thoroughly enjoy this book, as
author, Melissa M. Combs, was heavily influenced by the work of Bronte, while writing this collection.


This collection is an assortment of both ill-fated, and soft and romantic love poems. Within the pages, there is a noticeable elegance, reminding readers to find beauty in the midst of their pain. Though reminiscent of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, it is also something entirely of it's own, combining both inspiration from The Victorian Era, as well as our current Era. Furthermore, this collection prompts the wounded reader to make something of their pain, which I believe is needed today more than ever. Young readers are oftentimes navigating the foreign territory of love and loss. This collection is meant to inspire that reader to step out of their stagnancy after loss and into the wisdom of transmuting their pain.


"Some love stories must be rewritten, if not for the sake of the lovers, than for the sake of fairytales. For the hope of all of humanity... you and I, we mustn't end this way."


Deemed 'The Twin Flame Poetry Book,' Love in Other Realms takes you through the journey of unconditional love and all of it's many seasons - the intense passion, spiritual connection, instant recognition, and even the agony of separation. Author Melissa M. Combs refused to hold back even an ounce of truth to the journey of unconditional love. If you have experienced a once in a lifetime love, you will, without question, find 'home' in between these pages. 


This collection of poetry and prose covers the topic of an all consuming, fiery kind of romance. It is one of intense desire, longing, loss, and ultimately, uncondtional love. While author Melissa M. Combs uses a dark undertone to express and stay true to the journey that this kind of love must first take, it is a story of hope turned absolute belief, that in the end, love will always win.


Earth Angels is a collection of poetry and prose, dedicated to the highly sensitive, and highly intuitive souls. Though the journey of an Earth Angel may feel as though it is a daunting task, it is an honor to the highest degree. This book is here to remind you that though this world does not fully feel like your home, you do still have a place that you fit, and you are very much loved and needed on this Earth. Author Melissa M. Combs explores the heartache of received hatred, injustice, and rejection, whether it be from family, friends, romantic partners, or even complete and total strangers. She then goes on to emphasize and illuminate the path of transforming oneself from all of the pain.

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